DNA Sequencing

An irreplaceable tool in modern Genomics

DNA sequencing 1 DNA Sequencing

State-of-the-art instruments

GenomeScan provides all NGS services on the newest sequencing instruments: Illumina’s NovaSeq 6000, PacBio Sequel and Thermo-Fisher’s S5 Prime. Each instrument has its own advantages, so we can provide you with the optimal technique to answer your research questions.

Challenging samples
We develop tools to fulfill even the most challenging sequencing requests. For top-researchers who need groundbreaking results, we push the limits of what is technically possible but that still will lead to robust and reproducible data. Our standard services include DNA sequencing, starting from only ~20 human cells (125 pg), and methylome or transcriptome analysis on heavily degraded FFPE material and single cell RNA sequencing.

Study design
We are experienced in all genomic sequencing applications, for human diagnostics and research projects. You can choose from a growing range of ISO 17025 (L518) accredited sequencing products. We tailor experiments to various and highly demanding research needs. Our scientific advisors all have a vast background in biomedical sciences, and can help you design the most optimal analysis method.

All GenomeScan NGS Services include

  • Unbiased project consultancy
  • Sample preparation
  • Library validation
  • Sequencing run
  • Guaranteed data quality and output
  • Free extensive data quality assessment
  • Optional: advanced bioinformatics services

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