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Data Analysis for Sequencing

Bioinformatics for NGS projects
Guidline GenomeScan sequencing data-analysis pipelines.

Data quality on NGS projects
Guideline GenomeScan sequencing data-analysis QC pipeline.

Bioinformatics mRNA-seq analysis
Transcriptome (mRNA-expression) analysis document.

Bioinformatics Variant Analysis
Description of data-analysis options to detect small nuclear polymorfisms (SNPs).

Sequencing Guidelines

GenomeScan NGS Illumina
Sequencing solutions for all Illumina sequencers: HiSeq2500, NovaSeq6000 and NextSeq. Applications include de novo seq, SNP discovery, targeted sequencing, mRNA seq, ChIP seq and more.

Methylation Guidelines

Illumina DNA methylation analysis using Illumina MethylationEPIC ‘850k’ BeadChips.