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Multiomics oncology approaches harnesses comprehensive information of tumour characteristics at genetic, epigenetic, transcriptomic, and proteomics level. With our tailored solutions we can help you accelerate your basic and translational research to understand a tumour or tumour type’s biology and pinpoint actionable targets for drug development.

This is also true for the development and implementation of biomarkers and companion diagnostics at preclinical stage. Our clinical profiling services with short turnaround times enables clinical employability of your biomarkers, companion diagnostics, and adoptive T-cell therapy or vaccine approaches for personalized medicine.


Applications of our oncology solutions cover a great range from basic research to therapeutics development and clinical practice.

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Biomarker identification

biomarker identification icon Oncology and Immuno oncology

Patient stratification

patient stratification icon Oncology and Immuno oncology

Neoantigen discovery

neoantigen discovery icon Oncology and Immuno oncology

Comprehensive tumor profiling

comprehensive tumor profiling icon Oncology and Immuno oncology

Targeted therapies

targeted therapies icon Oncology and Immuno oncology

Residual disease monitoring

residual disease monitoring icon Oncology and Immuno oncology

Companion diagnostics

companion diagnostics icon Oncology and Immuno oncology
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Expertise in challenging samples

We are experts in working with challenging samples. GenomeScan offers you a comprehensive, robust, and reproducible solution for getting the best omics results out of your FFPE, fresh frozen, and partially degraded material. Contact us to learn more about your options.

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