Let’s introduce!

GenomeScan tests genetic inheritable diseases in humans for diagnostic purposes

GenomeScan is your partner in Genetic Research and Diagnostics.

We offer DNA analysis for laboratory research and patients.

Over 15 years of experience

We build on our 15 years of experience as ServiceXS, one of Europe’s first Genomic service providers. Our five young founding members each had their own expertise and the same drive: to transform healthcare by making the most innovative genetic research techniques available for all patients.

State-of-the-art techniques

As early adapters, we constantly make the newest technologies available for our customers. We have developed specialised protocols for even the most challenging samples in terms of quality and quantity. Ultra-low input amounts and severe degradation of DNA and RNA can be overcome by our refined techniques. We provide a constant and high quality output. Read more about our Services.

Innovate and keep developing

We devote much of our research capacity to develop new NGS applications. We acquire the most cutting-edge instruments and develop new techniques to sequence samples that are notoriously difficult to analyze. Read more about our Instruments.


Our team of Bioinformaticians can provide you with the data formats of your choice. Read more about our Data-analysis.

Research projects and grant applications

In collaboration with our customers, we develop optimal strategies for their research. We know that within agrogenomics, pharmaceutics or fundamental research the project requirements are very different. We have proven to be a reliable partner for genetic analyses from laboratory to data-analysis and diagnostics. Read more about our collaborations.

Patient Diagnostics: Heritable diseases

We offer Exome sequencing and Disease panels, with full diagnostics reports for medical specialists. Read more about our Diagnostics.

Personalized Medicine

DNA analysis can be beneficial for many aspects of human healthcare. For example, it can give insight in how a person could react to a certain medical treatment. To know what specific therapies could be effective for individual patients. Even down to what medication dosage would work for a person.
DNA analysis becomes increasingly important in human healthcare. More mutations are found yearly that can cause heritable diseases. Diagnosing even rare diseases with great certainty becomes simpler.
Selection of medication and their dosage will be far less dependent on trial-and-error, but tailored to the patients’ genotype. Unnecessary treatments, under- or overmedication and side effects can be diminished dramatically by reading the patient’s genes. With personalized medicine we aim to improve human healthcare and keep it affordable.

ISO/IEC accredited

We offer ISO 17025 accredited Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and micro-array services. This international standard for laboratory excellence is awarded for laboratories that show proven competency and accuracy. Our laboratory obtained the ISO 17025 accreditation in 2011 as the first NGS service provider in Western Europe. This is only granted to labs that deliver robust services with guaranteed data-quality. Read more about our ISO accreditation.

Why choose GenomeScan?

  • ISO/IEC 17025 (L518) accredited NGS services
  • High-throughput instruments such as the NovaSeq 6000 and PacBio Sequel
  • One laboratory for all (targeted) sequencing tests
  • Our funding experts can help with your grant application
  • R&D facility provides the most cutting-edge techniques