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GenomeScan is your partner in Genetic Research and Diagnostics.

We offer genetic analysis for laboratory research and patients.

At GenomeScan, our daily drive is to provide excellent, robust, and rapid NGS services and bioinformatics solutions. This will enable scientists and clinicians to understand genetic diseases, identify biomarkers, conduct clinical studies, or create novel molecular diagnostic tests. We believe that NGS has opened fascinating opportunities for the analysis of genetic diseases and the development of effective personalized treatment strategies.

We lead the way in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) services as we develop and provide customizable NGS solutions and bioinformatics support for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, health care providers and academic institutions. The company has always embraced quality challenges and obtained ISO/IEC 17025 [L518] and ISO 15189 [M308] accreditation for its services. If required, G(C)LP compliance can be offered. Our outstanding quality assurance offers customers confidence and trust.

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Our passionate team consist of scientists and technicians with diverse scientific backgrounds. You can consider them as an extension of your own team with a commitment to provide you with excellent, robust, and fast NGS services with matched bioinformatics solutions.

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With a track record of nearly two decades in genetic services and strong support and shareholding of large Academic Medical Centers, we are a partner you can rely on. Whether it involves batched or single-sample processing, prospective or retrospective clinical cohorts, archive samples, biosafety testing material, plant, or microbiome samples, we will deliver.

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We deem quality of a paramount importance, and we fully embrace it by operating under ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189 accreditation. Your personal data and privacy are secured via data management system that guarantees the protection in compliance with (inter)national directives.

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Our well-established contacts with technology providers, our collaborations with academic researchers, and our participation in numerous scientific consortia spark our innovation to grant you access to the most advanced sequencing methodologies and solutions.

Transformation of the company since its creation in 2002…
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Our vision

GenomeScan is grounded in a combination of scientific partnership, technology innovation, and leadership experience. Our founders believe that Next Generation Sequencing applications can contribute to improve diagnosis of genetic disorders, ensure better disease risk management, and accelerate access to personalized medicine.

Our Mission

GenomeScan is engaged in developing new tools to diagnose genetic disorders more quickly, more affordably and more effectively. The company fosters product innovation through partnership with medical centers and research laboratories.

Scientific advisory board

Three times a year, GenomeScan comes together with the Scientific Advisory Board, an indispensable factor for our success and a great source of inspiration. The board consists of accomplished scientists coming from diverse fields of research and academic institutions who provide us with intellectual, scientific and strategic support. Membership is comprising of:

Prof. dr. Richard Sinke (Professor of Genome Diagnostics, UMCG, Groningen).

The main focus of professor Sinke is his contribution to patient care by expanding the application of novel genome analyses methods, such as next generation sequencing, SNP profiling and RNA sequencing, in the clinic.

Prof. dr. ir. Silvère van der Maarel (Head of Human Genetics department, LUMC, Leiden).

The scientific interests of professor van der Maarel concentrate on the genetic and epigenetic regulation of repetitive DNA in the human genome in relation to disease.

Dr. J. Morreau (“attending pathologist” and “registered clinical molecular scientist in pathology” at the Department of Pathology, LUMC, Leiden).

Professor Morreau furthermore works on the familial basis of colorectal cancer, on endocrine tumors and the refinement of diagnostics using molecular insights.

Dr. G.W.E. Santen (Clinical Geneticist, Department of Clinical Genetics, LUMC, Leiden).

Dr. Santen performs, apart from his clinical duties, clinical and molecular research into Coffin-Siris syndrome and other SWI/SNF related diseases. He also investigates broader application of Next Generation Sequencing technology to identify potential causative mutations in urgent situations, for example during pregnancy when ultrasound anomalies are detected, and shortly after birth in the case of children admitted to the ICU.

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