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21 November 2023

Revolutionizing Vaccine Production with NGS

Revolutionizing Vaccine Production: The Role of Next Generation Sequencing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has played…
Stefanie GenomeScan Janssen and Janssen Panel Featured 600x403 Blog   Recent PostsEventNews
13 November 2023

GenomeScan Joins J&J Innovation and JLABS Panel Discussion

Key opinion leaders in precision medicine are gathering in Utrecht this Thursday to discuss partnering…
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12 October 2023

Genetic Characterization of Hybridoma Produced Antibodies

Unveiling the Power of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in Genetic Characterization of Hybridoma-Produced Antibodies In…
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2 October 2023

GenomeScan at the MAP Oncology Congress 2023

GenomeScan will be at the Molecular Analysis for Precision Oncology Congress 2023 (MAP), organized by…
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