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Interview with GenomeScan’s CEO

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FASTER, BETTER, AFFORDABLE. BiotechNEWS has recently interviewed our CEO, Kees van den Berg. According to Kees, the future of diagnostics is all about personalized medicine. In this article (in Dutch), he describes the expansion of GenomeScan and the relationship with LUMC and ErasmusMC. He also highlights the current trends in NGS and comments on future developments in healthcare. Enjoy… Published…

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GenomeScan joins ISO working group on food safety

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According to the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO), Next generation sequencing (NGS) provides rapid, economical and high-throughput access to microbial whole genome sequences (WGS) and is being applied to an expanding number of problems in food microbiology. WGS offers significant advantages over existing technologies (e.g., serology, pulsed field gel electrophoresis, antibiotic resistance phenotyping and sanger sequencing) in the detection of…

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TransPot Consortium Meeting October 2019

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Report: TransPot Consortium Meeting & the 26th Meeting of the EAU Section of Urological Research  My name is Ingrid Tomljanovic, I am a Marie Skłodowska-Curie early stage researcher (ESR) within the EU-funded project TransPot (the Translational Research Network for Prostate Cancer), working at the R&D department of GenomeScan. TransPot is a European research training network aimed at deepening the understanding…

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Prostate Cancer Research Network (TransPot)

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Translational Research Network for Prostate Cancer (TransPot) Today starts Movember (a combination of the English diminutive word for moustache, “mo”, and “November”), an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s suicide. Prostate cancer is one of the most prevalent cancer…

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Five advantages of UMIs in DNA analysis

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Improvements in Gene Panel and Whole Exome sequencing Molecular barcoding refers to the attachment of a unique molecular sequence (eg. ATGCCA) to each individual DNA fragment in a sample. This ensures that in downstream analysis, unique sequence reads can be separated from those originating as a result of PCR duplication. A common practice regarding these PCR duplicates is to search…

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Four reasons why UMIs improve gene expression profiling

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Transcription profiles give accurate images of the biological processes that influence cell fates. However, library construction can introduce bias at multiple steps. For example, PCR amplification increases the number of cDNA molecules to an amount sufficient for sequencing, but also stochastically introduces errors and amplifies different molecules with unequal probabilities. The sequencing reads that have been created from the same…

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How to solve major sequencing pitfalls with Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMIs)

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If you start analyzing your gene-expression data set, many questions come to mind that can seriously affect the outcome. What if any of the PCR steps during library prep (Figure 1) has introduced an error? It might have led to a base change, which I could incorrectly score as a mutation. Did a PCR-bias favor amplification of some of the…

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Report on the Translational Research Network for Prostate Cancer (TransPot)

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Hi everybody! I’m Mario Cangiano, an Early stage researcher (ESR) within the EU funded project TransPot (the Translational Research Network for Prostate Cancer), working at the R&D department of GenomeScan. Transpot is a multi-center research program designed to tackle aggressive prostate cancer (PCa) and to train 11 ESR in the field of systems biology, namely the holistic representation of biological…

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Competitive, fast, and adaptable RNA Sequencing services

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RNA sequencing is an affordable and dependable tool driving R&D and clinical projects. To answer scientific challenges, GenomeScan develops innovative methods to analyze RNA samples. Minute populations of sorted cells or FFPE samples are no longer hampering progression of your project. Get direct access to a wide range of RNA-seq services under ISO/IEC 17015 accreditation. Our experienced scientific team can…