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In sequencing projects, accurate data, reliable results and fast turnaround time are all important. At GenomeScan, it is our daily drive to provide excellent, robust, and rapid NGS services and subsequent bioinformatics solutions. Our laboratory provides you access to the newest sequencing technology.

All equipment at GenomeScan is maintained by specialists and according to our ISO 17025 accreditation. This includes thorough validation of all equipment and highly trained staff to operate our instruments and robots. The specifics of your project guide the instrument to be selected for use.

NovaSeq 6000 PacBio Sequel II GeneStudio S5
High throughput and low costs Ultra-long reads For tailored gene panels
De novo assembly

Whole genome sequencing

Whole exome sequencing

Custom targeted sequencing

Amplicon sequencing
Microbiome sequencing

Small RNA-Seq

NovaSeq 6000 – when throughput and costs matter

This Illumina instrument is versatile and ideal for numerous sequencing applications, from whole exome sequencing and gene assembly to resequencing, SNP detection, and metagenomics. It allows you to analyze full genomes, from any species (humans, plants, mouse, bacteria, viruses) in record time. The largest flow cell, called S4, can decode the entire exome of up to 300 patients simultaneously. The NovaSeq 6000 is most valued by medical specialists involved in diagnostic testing who want to quickly communicate the outcomes of a test to their patients.

Find more technical information about NovaSeq 6000 here: read more…

PacBio Sequel II – if you are looking for ultra-long reads

This instrument gives researchers interested in transcriptomics or epigenetic studies the ability to sequence full length transcripts or identify methylated bases very accurately. It can read up to 60 kb with high accuracy. The PacBio Sequel is ideal for de novo sequencing of small genomes (bacteria, viruses), G/C rich regions and structural variation characterization.

If you are interested in more technology reading about the PacBio Sequel, please view this page…

Ion GeneStudio S5 – for gene panels tailored to specific disease areas

This machine has purpose in multiple areas, including cancer research, inherited diseases, microbial and infectious disease. It can accommodate 2 runs per day and provide you with data within a few days. This makes the platform ideal for clinical research and research applications.

Want to read more about the Ion GeneStudio S5, please visit this page…

Sequencing instrument characteristics and performances

Virtually any question regarding the genome, transcriptome and epigenome of any organism, can be answered using Next Generation Sequencing. With our broad selection of NGS instruments and wide range of sample preparation methods, we can help you answer your questions.

Are you interested in specific DNA products or all type of RNAs present in your sample? Or is your research focused on mitochondrial, long non-coding DNA or a subset of genes? Send us a short description of your project and we will guide you with the optimal workflow for your experiment. Do not hesitate to share your project with us.

Characteristics Instrument
NovaSeq 6000 PacBio Sequel II GeneStudio S5
Run time 26-44h 30h 2h
Read length 150 nt ≥ 10.000 nt 200 nt
Reads/run 10.000 M 4 M 80 M
Data output 3.000 Gb 60 Gb 1.6 Gb
Sample throughput High Medium Medium

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