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NGS has become a major tool for the profiling of microbial communities. Culturing can alter sample composition and even leave microorganisms undetected because of their failure to grow in the laboratory. Microbial Profiling quantifies all bacteria and archaea in your sample, helping you to understand their role in health and disease.

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Microbiota composition affects human health

Gut, skin, and even environments that were believed to be sterile such as urine, contain microbes. These can be used to distinguish between humans, like a fingerprint. Our intimate relationship with microbiota can lead to a whole variety of diseases and conditions.

From IBD, obesity, auto-immune-diseases, to even mental disorders such as anxiety or depression. Microbes even may confer susceptibility to cancers and can influence the response to therapeutics. Advancements in high-throughput NGS screening methods have fueled the research in this area.

Microbiome Services

16S Microbial Profiling

Get an analysis of the microbiome together with the host genome by the amplification of 16S ribosomal RNA gene, and without any loss of efficiency or sequencing depth.

Whole Metagenome Sequencing

Get insights into all phenotypic features, such as antibiotic resistance cassettes, pathogenicity genes, or other variable characteristics.

We provide detailed analysis of the microbial content in:

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Human Samples

Bacteria and archaea in bodily fluids such as blood, feces, urine and saliva. Isolation from swabs from mucosal sites, skin, etc…

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Animal Samples

Bacterial composition of the gut measured in animal droppings

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Plant Samples

Epiphytes and endophytes (bacteria found respectively living on and inside plant tissue)

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Soil & Water Samples

Microbial community composition, ecosystem screening, water quality testing

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Bacterial Production Facilities

Bioreactors, wastewater treatment plants

  rDNA amplicon Shotgun metagenomics
Application Applicable species 16S V4 Short reads Long reads
Genus level diversity bacteria, archaea
Species level diversity bacteria, archaea
Sub-species level diversity bacteria, archaea x
Non-bacterial diversity fungi, viruses, virophages x
de-novo assembly unknown species identification x
Metabolic pathway prediction all annotated pathways in known species x

recommended  |  possible  |  not applicable

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