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Next generation technology allows uncovering DNA and RNA sequence information with higher accuracies, shorter run-times and lower costs. GenomeScan’s variety of instruments and 15+ years of scientific expertise provide the optimal platform for your DNA sequencing project.

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Next generation sequencing (NGS)

Unless you are only interested in a small number of specific genes, next generation sequencing offers you the most efficient option to sequence DNA. Even in targeted sequencing of specific genes, a high coverage of the region can help increase the quality of your data. Several advantages Next Generation Sequencing provides are listed here.

  • Generates data from hundreds of sequences simultaneously
  • Is more sensitive for the detection of low-frequency variants
  • Requires only low input DNA/RNA amounts
  • Delivers fast results (short turnaround time)
  • Allows sample multiplexing
  • Is cost effective

Sequencing applications

GenomeScan uses a variety of platforms with a range of sequencing capabilities and throughput to match your requirements and needs. We also utilize unique dual indexes and unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) in all relevant applications to avoid common sequencing pitfalls.

Our DNA sequencing services cover Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), Long read sequencing, Microbiome, Bisulfite sequencing, MethylationEPIC.

WGS Service Page   DNA Sequencing


Whole genome sequencing of your samples. Click here to learn more.
DNA sequencing transparent Service Page   DNA Sequencing


Whole exome sequencing of your samples. Click here to learn more.
Chip Service Page   DNA Sequencing


Enables analyzing protein interactions with DNA. Click here to learn more.
methyl arrays Service Page   DNA Sequencing

Methyl Arrays

Analyze the methylation profile of your sample. Click here to learn more.
Wgbs Service Page   DNA Sequencing


Bisulfite sequencing is the most informative method to study methylation. Click here to learn more.
microbiome transparent Service Page   DNA Sequencing


Profiling of microbial communities in your sample. Click here to learn more.
Longreads Service Page   DNA Sequencing

Long Reads

Enables sequencing with ultra long reads. Click here to learn more.

Service details

Experimental design

Over the past 15+ years, GenomeScan has acquired extensive experience in genomic sequencing applications. Whether you work with human, animal, bacterial or plant samples, we will discuss your experiment, define the output and tailor your sequencing project to your various research needs.

Data analysis

Rigorous bioinformatics analysis is an essential step in going from sequencing data to scientific results. GenomeScan has expertise in extracting genuine insights from this large set of data. Upon request, we perform in depth mining of your dataset using both proprietary and public pipelines. We build a comprehensive report that informs you on your next steps.

Turnaround time

Our state-of-the-art instruments in combination with our scientific expertise result in the most efficient workflows for high-quality results. For example, in the past 4 years, we reduced the turnaround time of WES from 6 weeks to 6 days by developing new isolation and library preparation protocols as well as by optimizing the use of flow cells.

Challenging samples

We use optimized workflows for samples that yield partially degraded DNA and apply quality controls to ensure data reliability and reproducibility. Our standard DNA sequencing services require as few as 20 cells (100 pg) as input material.

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