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Epigenetic services using Micro-array and Next Generation Sequencing

We are a leading service provider for Epigenetics studies in Europe. Our wide portfolio enables you to select the most optimal method for your project. The available products range from cost-effective array-based techniques to targeted methylome sequencing methods.

All of these products are part of our ISO/IEC 17025 (L518) accreditation, which guarantees a standard high data-quality. Our dedicated methylation product specialists can help you design the most optimal research strategy. Contact us for free expert advice.

Next Level Epigenetics

With our validated applications you have the tools in hand to study different methylation loci in the most challenging samples: low quality or quantity of the available DNA is no longer hampering your project. EpiRestore™ reproducibly determines the methylation status in degraded FFPE material. Furthermore, with our SeqCap Epi procedure, we can reliably detect up to 5.5 million CpG’s with only 10 ng starting material.

We set the standard for sharply priced array and NGS methylation sequencing services.
MG 2818 Q100 Epigenetics
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Reduced Representation & Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing

Capture 10x genomics 600x403 Epigenetics

Single cell RNA-seq

MethylationEPIC featured image2 414x403 Epigenetics

MethylationEPIC ‘850K’ BeadChip

EpiRestore featured image1 Epigenetics

EpiRestore: restore all low integrity DNA

Epigenetics research focuses on biological or chemical influences that can change the expression of a gene. “Epi” is greek for “above or outside”, referring to the modifications such as methylation or hydroxymethylation that are attached to the DNA strands. Because the various epigenetic groups have different effects on the gene transcription, measuring these specific groups is important when explaining various (disease) phenotypes.

Choose the most optimal method for your project

EpiRestore in combination
with MethylationEPIC
Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing (WGBS) Reduced Representation
Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS)
Organisms Human only Human only All All
Tissue of highest abundance All All All All
Methylated targets 850,000 selected loci 850,000 selected loci All Majority of loci
Validated and within ISO 17025 accreditation scope
Applicable for FFPE samples
Costs Very budget friendly Budget friendly Best option for a wide methylome view More economical than whole genome sequencing
Benefits Best option for a cost-effective focused approach Only method to study highly degraded DNA Unbiased approach for methylation research Benefits of WGBS but with reduced costs
Mostly used for EWAS studies or large cohorts Analysis of FFPE cohorts or Guthry cards

In-depth analysis of selected patient samples Discovery research projects

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