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Reveal and understand complexity of biological systems

RNA gene-expression gives a unique insight into the cellular responses to stimuli: from tissue down to single cell resolution.

It is a fascinating time to study gene-regulation, since the possibilities are nearly endless. Low input amounts or low sample quality used to be detrimental to your study. For those challenging samples, as well as any RNA species imaginable, we provide dedicated workflows that will lead you directly to publication-ready data.

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Benefits of RNA sequencing

We offer more than just expression analyses. We can guide you from the initial set-up of your experiment to extended data-analysis. Our RNA applications are offered under the laboratory  accreditation, ISO/IEC 17025 (L518). We guarantee that we deliver high quality results, for R&D and diagnostic samples alike.

  • High coverage sequencing
  • Detection of novel genes
  • Increased diagnostic yield
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Low input possible

RNA Sequencing Services

Gene expression analysis

Total transcriptome

Ultra-low Input Transcriptomics


Single Cell Sequencing

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What our customers say

Working with GenomeScan has rapidly improved our research throughput on phenomenal scale.

drs. Claire van Westeren
Researcher / UMC Utrecht

The time for new and fast research development has come, thanks to GenomeScan the future is now.

Professor Dave Boerland
Head of research / Trinity College

Genetic research is on the rise and will improve rapid, GenomeScan is on the forefront.

Marry Chammion
Product Developer

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