RNA sequencing

Reveal and understand complexity of biological systems


RNA gene-expression gives a unique insight into the cellular responses to stimuli: from tissue down to single cell resolution.

It is a fascinating time to study gene-regulation, since the possibilities are nearly endless. Low input amounts or low sample quality used to be detrimental to your study. For those challenging samples, as well as any RNA species imaginable, we provide dedicated workflows that will lead you directly to publication-ready data.

We offer more than just expression analyses. We can guide you from the initial set-up of your experiment to extended data-analysis. Our RNA applications are offered under the laboratory and diagnostic laboratory accreditations, ISO/IEC 17025 (L518) and ISO 15189 (M308) respectively. We guarantee that we deliver high quality results, for R&D and diagnostic samples alike.

Benefits of RNA sequencing:

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Novel genes2 01 Service page   RNA sequencing
Diagnostic yield2 01 Service page   RNA sequencing
Turnaround time2 01 Service page   RNA sequencing
Low input possible2 01 Service page   RNA sequencing

See how we work with you on your project:

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When you consider one of our RNAseq products, our Scientific support team can help you choose between the various RNAseq options.

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They will provide scientific knowledge to design the optimal solution to answer your research question. Every product can be customized by adding options such as RNA isolations, globin depletion, extra sequencing depth or adjust the turn-around times. Data-analysis can be included to generate publication-ready results. You will receive a specified overview of the project costs and deliverables, so you can make an informed choice.

After your project is initiated by returning the signed Purchace Order (PO) form, your project manager contacts you to discuss when you want to send in the samples and when you can expect your data. To ensure efficient sample entry into our laboratory management system, you will receive a Sample Submission Form (SSF) in which you can fill out the specifications of your project.

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Library prep 01 Service page   RNA sequencing

After sample arrival, an entry-QC is performed to determine if the sample quality is sufficient so we can guarantee the data-outcome stated in your quotation.

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You will receive a report with sample QC results to inform you of our findings before proceeding. Samples that fail QC can be replaced by spare samples delivered in the same shipment or sent at a later stage. When all samples pass entry-QC, sample preparation experiments result in a library that can be sequenced. A library-QC step is performed to ensure that sufficient material is generated for each sample and the library is of the right size. Once passed, the samples are queued for sequencing.

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Sequencing 01 Service page   RNA sequencing

Sequencing of RNAseq projects is performed on the NextSeq 500 or NovaSeq 6000.

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This takes hours up to two days, depending on the instrument. Detailed information of the sequencing instruments at GenomeScan can be found here.

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Data QC 4 01 Service page   RNA sequencing

The raw data that is generated by the sequencer must be divided to obtain one data-file per sample.

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This is called demultiplexing. Your project manager checks the data quality by analyzing the quality metrics of the run. Final inspection of the data takes place and the dataset is transferred onto a Hard Disk.

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Project report new 01 Service page   RNA sequencing

You receive a Project Report together with your data. This report contains an overview of the experimental methods used and sample-related specifications.

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This includes the quantity and quality specifications of your samples after each part of the workflow. The report summarizes all technical information for publication and provides details for the bioinformatician that will analyze your project.

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Advanced data analysis New 01 Service page   RNA sequencing

Our experienced Bioinformaticians have developed software for common data analysis requests.

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These data analysis pipelines are tested and optimized to get the most out of your FASTQ files. Use our validated bioinformatics services to save time and development costs!

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