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Assess the methylation status of a genome with precision
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Why use bisulfite sequencing?

Bisulfite sequencing enables DNA methylation analysis in a qualitative, quantitative and efficient way by identifying 5-methylcytosine at single base-pair resolution.

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Our RRBS and WGBS services

Reduced Representation Bisulfite Seq (RRBS)

Illumina solely provides methylation arrays for human samples. Selection of a custom approach is also necessary for those interested in CpGs outside Illumina’s 850K target list, or when a broader overview of the methylome is required. Our scientists have selected a targeted sequencing approach, that enriches for CpG rich areas. It employs the MspI enzyme to digest genomic DNA at C^CGG motives. Small fragments of methylated DNA can specifically be selected from the whole genome sample, thereby reducing the complexity of the genome. Discarding regions without methylated residues leads to lower sequencing costs, due to the reduction in the size of the library that must be sequenced. RRBS therefore combines the wealth of unbiased data that only Next Generation Sequencing can provide, with relatively low costs.

Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing (WGBS)

Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing or WGBS is the most informative method to study methylation. Because no a priori selection is made, it has great advantages over fixed panels. Due to the sheer wealth of data, this method is usually applied for a select sample set, after throughout the whole genomic DNA.

This method is usually performed on selected samples, after Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) have warranted extra investigation. The methylation status of the whole genome can also be assessed as part of a diagnostic project, when aberrant methylation patterns can be the cause of the observed phenotype.

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Service specifications

We have summarized key information about our bisulfite sequencing service into a service specification sheet.

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Epigenetic analysis options

We offer several options to conduct epigenetic analyses of your samples. Contact our scientific sales support team to select the best epigenetic application from our wide portfolio to request a quote customized to answer your research question.

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