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Speeding up your research during COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on research projects, clinical studies, and collaborative efforts is undeniable. Laboratories across the world are learning how to adapt to these new circumstances and we are all learning how to operate in a “new normal” that is constantly changing.

In today’s environment, you may want to consider outsourcing your sequencing work to GenomeScan and concentrate on outcomes rather than on the sequencing work yourself to elaborate on the next steps in your research.

Increase and improve publications

Imagine doubling the number of discoveries you make, when you easily tap into the best resources. We provide high quality sequencing data for human, animal, plant and microorganism samples.

GenomeScan is committed to providing you with quality, reliable and cost-effective NGS solutions. Regardless of the type of samples or type of sequencing required by your broject, we assist you with obtaining results more quickly with state-of-the-art tools.

Why outsource your NGS project

to GenomeScan

Focus crop Outsourcing at GenomeScan

You focus on your NGS data and accelerate your research.

Expertise crop Outsourcing at GenomeScan

You gain access to new NGS expertise and competences.

Control crop Outsourcing at GenomeScan

You control and oversee your entire NGS project.

Costs crop Outsourcing at GenomeScan

You stay in charge of the costs with defined project budgets.

Conversation Partner

We build a solid and enduring relationships with you. This is the result of our ability to understand your scientific project and constantly meet your needs.

Member Of Your Team

As an extension of your laboratory, we focus on sequencing and we provide you with specific NGS services necessary to meet your research or testing needs.

Sequencing As A Service

We built our NGS capabilities to provide you with a complete NGS solution. You get ahead on your research while controlling the pace of your experiments.

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