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umcg erasmus mc lumc genomescan logo PRESS RELEASE: UMCG participates in GenomeScan BV


UMCG, Erasmus MC and Leiden University Medical Center to co-participate in GenomeScan BV and extend their collaboration in the field of molecular diagnostics and R&D.


Leiden, November 4, 2022 – The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) participates in GenomeScan B.V. and will continue to collaborate in the field of molecular diagnostics and R&D with Erasmus MC, the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and GenomeScan B.V.


Leiden, 4th of November 2022. The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) announced that it has acquired shares of the fast-growing genomics service provider GenomeScan BV based in Leiden (The Netherlands). Together with Erasmus Medical Center (Erasmus MC) in Rotterdam and Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), two other shareholders in GenomeScan, it is joining forces in the field of molecular diagnostics and research.

In the fast-growing field of molecular diagnostics, it is critical to introduce and develop cutting-edge diagnostic technologies. One of these technologies is Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) that rapidly analyzes DNA and/or RNA of patients on a large scale.

GenomeScan is an ISO accredited and innovative genomics service provider specializing in Next Generation Sequencing. The participation of the UMCG, Erasmus MC and LUMC in GenomeScan enables these UMCs to perform fast and sustainable molecular diagnostics under ISO accreditation and to develop new applications of existing and new technologies for R&D and diagnostics in an international network of scientists.

GenomeScan offers its services not only for molecular diagnostics but also for research within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, as well as to other academic centers and hospitals mainly within Europe. In addition, GenomeScan participates in many national and international research projects together with leading scientific institutes.


Ate van der Zee, chairman of the Executive Board of the UMCG says: “The UMCG offers solutions for complex care and health issues. We do this by continuously pushing the boundaries of diagnostics and treatment, using knowledge, research, and innovative solutions. Of course, we don’t do this alone. This collaboration with Erasmus MC and LUMC enables us to use the latest innovative techniques for our patients and our scientific research. And by carrying the investments together, this remains affordable.”

Paul Boomkamp, member of the Executive Board of the Erasmus MC says: “Technological innovations in healthcare are an important pillar in Erasmus MC’s strategy. By working together with the LUMC and UMCG, we optimize the use of equipment, we have access to the latest, high-quality technologies and at the same time we can keep the costs of healthcare affordable.”

Pancras C.W. Hogendoorn, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board and Dean of LUMC says: “Since the foundation of GenomeScan and the accession of Erasmus MC, we have clearly seen the benefits for the patient: Increased speed of obtaining results, decreased costs and increased sophistication of molecular diagnostics. With the accession of the UMCG, we are joining even more forces together in furthering the development of diagnostic options.”

Kees van den Berg, CEO of GenomeScan says: “With the accession of the UMCG, GenomeScan takes an important next step in its goal of offering better, faster and affordable diagnostics. The bundling of knowledge and facilities between the UMCs and GenomeScan enables GenomeScan to quickly and sustainably realize the implementation of expensive and new technology under ISO accreditation for the healthcare sector, academic research, and the pharmaceutical market.”

Nine Knoers, Head of Genetics at UMCG says: “The collaboration with GenomeScan, Erasmus MC and LUMC offers us the unique opportunity to respond quickly to the ever-faster developments in sequencing techniques, with important implications for our patients. This way, we can provide even better and faster diagnostics, and increase our possibilities for collaborative research with the aim of improving clinical genetics care.”

Stefan Willems, Head of Department of Pathology and Medical Biology adds: “Performing sequencing at GenomeScan in a safe manner fits in perfectly with the UMCG’s strategy. We guarantee the highest possible quality in a sustainable way, while we always have access to the most innovative technology. Data interpretation and integration in turn takes place in the UMCs. That is our expertise and therefore logical: in this way we make the best possible use of each other’s strengths.”


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