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We kindly invite you to join us on 25 March from 13:00-15:00hr to hear from your peers about their latest discoveries using PacBio’s HiFi sequencing technology and to learn how HiFi sequencing can give you a comprehensive view of genomes, transcriptomes, and epigenomes.
Evita Karelioti will exemplify how optimization of CCS average read length can accommodate de novo assembly of high complexity genomes.

GS2021 PacBioDay V009 Long read HiFi sequencing for de novo assembly

This 2-hour event includes:

  • Introduction to the PacBio Sequel II System and HiFi long-read sequencing.
  • Presentations from researchers using HiFi sequencing.
  • Live Q&A to interact with speakers.
  • On-demand tutorials for those new to PacBio.
  • The opportunity to connect with your colleagues in the Community.

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