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“This is an innovative company, so you are always at the forefront of development in the field of genome research” says GenomeScan’s project manager development and innovation, David van der Meer. Being involved in international research consortia, as well as a local scientific and medical network enables projects at GenomeScan to benefit from the most recent findings and knowledge in the field.

A focus on ameliorating lives of patients is also what sets GenomeScan apart from simply being an NGS service provider. “It is also a company that contributes to the improvement of healthcare. We run diagnostics tests that can detect genetic disorders.” Continuously improving the reliability of results and being able to provide answers to the patients within 48 hours is only possible with this focus and the application of state-of-the-art technologies.

According to David, “In the future, everyone will eventually have their own genome available.” This brings ample opportunity for improving patient-centered care. “You can think of personalized medication, where you simply know from your genome, which medication would have a negative effect and which one doesn’t.”

For more on this topic, check out David’s interview video:

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