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Ali Vahidnia NovaSeq 6000 1024x742 Reimagine your laboratory work

Most of us are still at home but don’t let that stop you from getting inspired and moving your research forward. Open the door to alternatives for running your upcoming next generation sequencing (NGS) project.

In the recent years, a growing number of scientists are collaborating with GenomeScan to have their DNA/RNA samples sequenced and analyzed. Scientists seek out quality partners to outsource their NGS projects for various reasons, e.g. they don’t have the necessary expertise on-site, cannot access required instruments or automation, or simply it is faster and cheaper to outsource.

“… doing the unseen work and removing obstacles that hinder the completion of an NGS project..”

Regardless of what your project might be, the entire team works towards the big picture: the completion of your NGS project! Laboratory Manager Ali Vahidnia says: “My role as the Laboratory Manager is to ensure the continuity, efficiency and best practice throughout the lab, allowing our scientists and technicians to focus on your samples. By doing the unseen work and removing obstacles that hinder the completion of an NGS project, we allow scientists to concentrate on the outcomes of their projects rather than on the technical details of the sequencing workflow.”

“… incredibly passionate about their research.”

GenomeScan can generate high-quality data in a few days or few weeks (depending on the sequencing platform and sample preps) and deliver information in a timely fashion, while providing cost-effective solutions. Your project report will help you to turn data into actionable insights and allow you to clearly define the next steps of your discovery journey.

Ali Vahidnia Hamilton 1024x768 Reimagine your laboratory work

Ali works alongside his colleagues in the lab to process hundreds of samples every week and believes he has a unique position in the workflow: “Working at GenomeScan allows me to meet diverse and interesting people, all incredibly passionate about their research. When we partner with them, you allow them to concentrate on what they do best, and in turn you are directly contributing to their discovery, business presentation or scientific publication.”

Ali concludes: “Your NGS project is safe with GenomeScan as we operate under ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 15189 accreditation and G(C)LP-certified.” The progress of your project is accessible 24/7 via our online portal and you can chat at anytime with our scientists.

For all kinds of projects from diagnostics to agricultural improvements and to drug development, we always work on ways to offer you the right advise and NGS approach to answer to your research question. 

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