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06.2019 Robert Jan with labtop to check server 1 1024x682 Bioinformatics and project management As a company with close partnerships within medical centers and hospitals, GenomeScan is aware that reliable access to your sequencing data can be of crucial importance to your patients or your study. Thanks to our online platforms and Bio-IT infrastructure, our ongoing projects with laboratories in life science, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries proceed without interruption, despite the challenges many service providers face due to the fast spread of COVID-19.

Last month, we launched “My Projects” web-portal, which provides you easy monitoring of your NGS project progress and secure access to the resulting data. Our online portal is always available as a key engagement option and it is a platform that is continuously supported by our team, whether they work from the office or home.

GSPortalV1 crop Bioinformatics and project management In these challenging times, you can rely on our bioinformatics team doing their utmost to provide you with high-quality support and advice. Our Bio-IT support is omnichannel and allows you to interact and engage with the team through voice, email, text and chat provided at your convenience:

At GenomeScan we offer an extensive portfolio of NGS services from WGS, WES, RNA-Seq and epigenetics to more specific applications like ultra-low input material, single cell analysis and comprehensive data analysis reporting. Do not hesitate to get in touch. We are here to support you and your NGS project.

Further information

  • For more information, please contact: or call +31 (0)71 568 1050.
  • See our coronavirus updates page for the most recent details.
  • Our bioinformatics team is here to support you: Thomas Chin-A-Woeng, Stef Janson, Amrish Mahes, Behzad Moumbeini, and Niels de Water.

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