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topsector Agro Diagnostiek




Optimale Diagnostiek door gebruik innovatieve detectiemethoden.


Innovation, Agriculture R&D

Innovation Agro Diagnostiek Agro Agro Diagnostiek

Project Details

Funding scheme:

TOPsector T&U – Grant ID TU18079

Time frame:

1 January 2019 to 31 December 2023


Fast and efficient detection of potential pathogens or pests is critical in ensuring a healthy growth of crops. The Netherlands is an important worldwide producer of plant propagation material. A very rapidly emerging innovative group of technologies, collectively called Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), offers an excellent tool for an early detection of microorganisms. The consortium sets out to work together to achieve standardization of the NGS methods and validation of NGS-based tests. GenomeScan proudly takes part in this initiative.


T.b.a. (ongoing project)


This project is a public private collaboration, co-funded by the Dutch ministry for Economic Affairs.

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