Customizable NGS-based solutions for pharma, biotech, and academic institutions

We offer innovative NGS and microarray-based solutions for genetic research and diagnostics

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Our laboratory provides high quality (targeted) DNA and RNA sequencing data for research departments from academia to pharmaceutical companies.

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Ranging from whole genome sequencing to targeted gene panels. Expert clinical geneticists interpret the data and provide you with a full comprehensive report.

Why choose GenomeScan?

  • People: Personal contact to guide your project and help you succeed
  • Expertise: Partner with skilled scientists and technical experts
  • Innovation: Making the latest technology available
  • Quality: Trusted data used for decision making
  • Accreditation: ISO/IEC 17025 (L518) NGS services

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ServiceXS is our research department for genetic analyses. Our scientists constantly test and develop technologies and applications to stay one step ahead in genetic testing. We offer a wide range of applications for veterinary, agriculture, microbial and medical research.