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We bring innovation to your lab


Genetic Testing & Diagnostics

We specialize in identifying the genetic cause of heritable diseases


Research Collaborations

We collaborate with many partners in (international) consortia

We offer innovative NGS and microarray based solutions for genetic research and diagnostics. Our disease-oriented tests consist of the most up-to-date gene panels.

+DiagnosisResearch Services

Our laboratory provides high quality (targeted) DNA and RNA sequencing data for research departments from academia to pharmaceutical companies.

DNA_sequencingHeritable Diseases

Ranging from whole genome sequencing to targeted gene panels. Expert clinical geneticists interpret the data and provide you with a full comprehensive report.

Why choose GenomeScan?

  • ISO/IEC 17025 (L518) accredited NGS services
  • High-throughput instruments such as the NovaSeq 6000 and PacBio Sequel
  • One laboratory for all (targeted) sequencing tests
  • Our funding experts can help with your grant application
  • R&D facility provides the most cutting-edge techniques

logo-servicexs-grey-pngA GenomeScan brand

ServiceXS is our research department for genetic analyses. Our scientists constantly test and develop technologies and applications to stay one step ahead in genetic testing. We offer a wide range of applications for veterinary, agriculture, microbial and medical research.