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Patient stratification for treatment decisions and tumour-normal pair or liquid biopsy specimen profiling for patient-unique therapies

NGS-based molecular profiling with clinical-relevant turnaround times for precision oncology brings treatment decisions & personalized cancer treatment manufacturing within reach. For clinical profiling, a clinical relevant turnaround time is key. We have dedicated solutions for low-input and FFPE-tissues.


Combination of genetic and transcriptomic characterization of paired tumour-normal specimens or blood allows for a quick prediction and selection of neoantigens for personal cancer vaccine development and adoptive cell therapies. In addition, we offer solutions to verify your viral vector-, CAR-T or TCR-T libraries.

Patient stratification for treatment decisions with dedicated biomarkers, comprehensive cancer panels and stratification at genetic (including WGS), transcriptomic, and epigenetic level are at your disposal.

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