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NGS molecular profiling with clinical-relevant turnaround times for precision oncology brings treatment decisions & personalized cancer treatment manufacturing within reach.

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Genetic profiling using whole genome sequencing (WGS) or whole exome sequencing (WES) is combined with RNA-sequencing for clinical molecular profiling of a patients tumour. A turnaround time of ten days makes genetics and transcriptomics combination a valuable service for patient stratification within clinical trials, neoantigen prediction for manufacturing of personalized cancer vaccines or adoptive cell therapy, and for personalized treatment decisions.

Solutions that require only a minimal sample input and solutions for archival tissues allow you to profile all your precious samples. Differentiating between somatic and germline aberrations can be achieved by performing a WGS or WES on both tumour and normal samples while RNAseq confirms expression of the aberrations of interest.

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Key benefits

  • Assessment of tumour and normal samples to identify both somatic and germline aberrations.
  • Clinical service covering a combination of methods for one single patient.
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User case

personalized cancer vaccines developed by myNEO
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WGS of tumour and normal specimens combined with RNAseq of tumour specimens for neoantigen prediction & selection to develop a personal cancer vaccine based on the tumour’s molecular profile. myNEO uses NGS data as base of their solution to balance between a comprehensive detection approach and an optimised prioritisation strategy.

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“GenomeScan offers high quality services and is flexible where needed. myNEO specifically appreciates the open communication and pleasant working relation we have built up with the team.”

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