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With our focus on human diagnostics, we offer an extended product range. Our products are tailored to the needs of pre-clinical or early phase clinical research.

Several world-leading pharmaceutical companies have a long standing relationship with us. We have over 15 years of experience in genetic testing.

Robust and accredited platform
Clinical application of NGS is sometimes regarded as challenging because of technical or operational factors. GenomeScan offers a robust and accredited platform. NGS yields a wealth of data when compared to qPCR or microarrays. The NGS-technique is the more economical and high throughput option, especially with large sample numbers or projects with dozens of genetic markers.

Our products

  • Gene variation (SNP or mutation analysis)
  • Methylation studies
  • Gene panel sequencing
  • Whole Exome Sequencing
  • CNVScan (Copy Number Variation)

Quality monitoring – ISO17025 (L518) accreditation and GLP compliance
All of our NGS techniques are performed according to ISO17025 (L518) accreditation. Our Quality Control staff audits our regulations and procedures regularly. Together, our Scientists and Quality Control Officers ensure that your project is processed and reported according to the highest regulatory standards.

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More about isolation procedures

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CompoundScan Transcriptomics:
Determine the transcriptome in all species, including RNA derived from cell lines.

With predictive biomarker assays you can monitor or screen responses of various compounds of interest. Generating transcriptome (RNA) profiles by exposing cell lines is a relatively simple method, compared to -for example- animal testing.

Focussed CompoundScan
When analysis of the whole transcriptome is not required for your project, Focussed CompoundScan is our very budget-friendly alternative.  Only choose a pre-defined set of transcripts that you have a specific interest in. This technique counts the number of transcripts and not the whole transcript sequence. The quantity – not the mutations – are subject of investigation.

Based on your biomarkers of interest, our scientists design a probe pool. The total costs pee project/sample remain low due to the small number of total reads required.

This product is currently validated in our laboratory.

The workflow
CompoundScan incorporates the whole workflow from RNA to report. As a service provider for clinical research, GenomeScan provides the full package. This includes:
Predictive biomarker assay development and validation
– Development of custom assays
– Sample preparation
– Next Generation Sequencing
Bioinformatics analysis
– Tailor made and easy to read reporting

Biomarker identification and screening
Incorporating predicting markers in early clinical studies can be a difficult and time-consuming process. For approval of therapeutic compounds according to CLIA, GLP or ISO regulations, multiple phases must be completed. We have the technical expertise to generate the data that you require. Our CompoundScan technique and data-analysis pipeline is fully validated and ISO 17025 (L518) accredited. Contact us to discuss how your project can benefit from our services.

FFPE samples
We have developed several techniques for analyzing FFPE samples. Especially when assessing biomarkers in tumor material in which the tumor percentage is low, a robust method is compulsory.

We offer several techniques to apply on FFPE material:
– DNA-seq analysis
– Transcriptomics (rRNA depletion procedure)
– Methylation after DNA restoration

Isolation of DNA and RNA from FFPE samples is routinely performed using fully automated isolation procedures.

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