NextSeq 500

The NextSeq 500 is the fastest Next Generation Sequencer of Illumina. It performs a whole sequencing run in approximately 26 hours. This runtime is two days shorter than Illumina’s fastest high throughput instrument, the NovaSeq 6000.

Advantages NextSeq 500:

  • Generates up to 120 Gb data per run
  • Read lengths up to 150 bp
  • Sequencing run-time: 1 day

Our method of choice for:

  • Clinical projects: when the diagnosis must be made as fast as possible
  • Transcriptomics: a cost-effective and species-independent alternative for our expression-array services

Illumina Sequencer Specifications
The GenomeScan facility harbors a full range of Illumina Sequencing instruments. Each instrument has its own specifications and run options. It can be difficult to select the best and most economical options to answer your research question. Contact our scientific application specialists to discuss your projects requirements. We provide you with advise, tailored to your specific research needs.