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Our Next Generation Sequencing instruments are the latest inventions on the market. Due to our broad portfolio we can offer you unbiased consultancy on what NGS technology suits your project best.

The new PacBio Sequel is installed and will be available soon!

High quality

All GenomeScan equipment is maintained by specialists according to our ISO 17025 (L518) accreditation. Only highly trained staff may use our instruments and robots, after thorough validation of all equipment.

Our state-of-the-art sequencing instruments:

HiSeq 4000

NovaSeq 6000

NextSeq 500


You can ask virtually any question regarding the genome, transcriptome and epigenome of any organism, using Next Generation Sequencing. The sample preparation method determines which information is read. Are you interested in all DNA or RNA present in the sample? Or is your research focused on mitochondrial, long non-coding DNA or a subset of genes? Click here for detailed information on common sequencing requests.

The instrument on which you run your samples plays an important role. The PacBio sequencers generate long reads of many kilobases, which is ideal when your specific species has not yet been sequenced.

Most of our instruments are developed by market-leader Illumina. They provide sequencers that provide either very fast sequncing or high-throughput analysis. The NextSeq 500 is among the fastest machines available. The HiSeq 4000 handles hundreds of samples per run, so we can offer you the best price per sample.

Analysis method Type of analysis
Genome de novo sequencing
  ChIP sequencing
  metagenome sequencing
Targeted exome sequencing
  custom targeted sequencing
  sequencing of amplicons and genomic fragments
Transcriptome mRNA sequencing: poly-A selection
  RNA sequencing: rRNA depletion
  strand specific RNA seq
  miRNA & small RNA sequencing
  deepCAGE / NanoCAGE sequencing

You can sequence every organism, from humans to mammoths, to bacterial genomes and polyploids such as onions. We sequence your DNA, derived from blood samples, tissues, plant or animal samples, microbial genomes, or any mixed sample.

Our bioinformatics services are an excellent addition to your Next Generation Sequencing project.

  • Variant Analysis pipeline for SNP discovery
  • De novo assembly
  • Hybrid assembly by combining HiSeq and PacBio data