Whole Genome & Exome sequencing

High-resolution measurement of your samples

Whole Genome & Exome sequencing: WGS & WES

GenomeScan is a high-throughput facility that generates the amounts of data required for Whole Genome and Whole Exome Sequencing.

For smaller genomes, sequencing the total DNA content has become a mainstream tool. For human samples, a more targeted approach – such as Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) – remains the preferred option for the majority of our customers. The data amount is only 2% of the total genome, and contains the most informative regions of the DNA: the genes. 

Whole genome analyses are an emerging field. The laboratory and computer infrastructure must be equipped to process this amount of data. Contact us to explore the posibilities for Whole Genome Sequencing.

Exome Sequencing

Exome Sequencing is an efficient way to (re)sequence only the protein-coding region of the genome. It is a cheaper and efficient alternative to whole genome sequencing. ExomeScan is used for resequencing, to facilitate the discovery of common and rare mutations such as SNPs and small deletions and insertions.

Our scientists selected the Agilent’s SureSelect All-Exon kit. This hybridization capture kit contains probes that specifically capture all exons. Because capturing techniques require less amplification rounds than PCR amplification based strategies, this method generates highly quality data sets, necessary for diagnostic purposes. Whole Exome Sequencing is offered as an ISO 17025 accredited service.

GenomeScan has acquired multiple sample prep robots. Hybridization capture of human and mice exons of is now a fully automated process. This has major advantages:

  • Speed: 96 samples are processed at once
  • Minimal hands-on time required
  • High quality by equal handling of all samples
  • Low price per sample: technicians can handle many samples per day plus minimal variation in yield lead to low cost price.  


ExomeScan is a very efficient method to analyze the full human or mice exome. Contact us about the options for other species.

The benefits of exome sequencing at GenomeScan:

  • Thoroughly tested and validated exome sequencing service
  • ISO 17025 accredited  sequencing service on the Illumina NovaSeq6000
  • Experienced team of skilled scientists and technicians to analyze your exomes
  • Guaranteed data output
  • Standard and custom data analysis
    – Specialized in xenograft data analysis
    – Variant calling (VCF files)
    – Ability to deliver data in LOVD format

Challenging samples

We specialize in sequencing low amounts or poor quality DNA. Our research scientists have designed a full portfolio to accommodate every project requirement.

Robust DNAseq service starting from ~20 cells
We provide a robust method for analysis of ultra low input amounts, starting from ~20 cells. This is a major advantage for projects where the available DNA is limited, such as ChIP-seq, laser captured DNA, or cell-sorted DNA.

As part of our ISO17025 accreditation, we thoroughly validate all new kits that we use in our laboratory. We compared the NEB Next Ultra II with its predecessor by assessing the mapping quality and number of duplicate reads (see figure).

challengingsamples Whole Genome & Exome Sequencing

Lowering the input amount from nanograms of DNA to picrograms, does not lead to loss of quality, as measured by more than 10 parameters. Especially duplication rates and percentage mapping to the reference were dramatically improved.

For this type of analysis, the whole project must be optimized and well controlled, including sample isolation. Our experienced product managers can provide you with advice on samples processing to get the best out of your precious samples.

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