Determine all strains in your sample

VirusScan is a fast and robust analysis method to detect all RNA and DNA viruses

 State of the art methods for diagnostic- and research applications

Often identification of solely the serotype is not enough. The mutation rates of DNA- and even RNA viruses are relatively high. Even in highly controlled viral production facilities, viral evasion of selection pressures is a considerable issue.

VirusScan allows you to assess the stability of your viral strains or even the total composition of the viruses in your sample. You provide us with RNA or DNA, depending on the viral strain. For RNA-viruses we perform reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR), after which we analyze the cDNA on the sequencing instrument that is best suited for your project (NextSeq 500, HiSeq 4000, PacBio).

Virus Resequencing

Genomecan devises Quality Control (QC) strategies for viral or vaccine production facilities. It is important to asses if the mutation rate of the viral strains is within bounds after each passage.  VirusScan is an ISO/IEC 17025 (L518) procedure, in which we check the viral strains present in your cultures. You deliver the purified viral RNA or DNA and the reference sequence of your strain(s). After sample preparation, we analyze the DNA or cDNA (in case of RNA virusses) on the sequencing instrument selected. Depending on the needs, you can select the instrument that is the fastest or gives the highest output.

Virus Taxonomy

In clinical virology, often real-time analysis is performed on serum, blood or tissue of patients. Now that the time and costs for NGS-based methods is lowered dramatically, more virologists see that NGS-based virus detection and characterization will become the new golden standard. At GenomeScan we are developing new tools to detect complex mixtures of viruses in eukaryotic samples.

In collaboration with (academic) partners in the field of clinical microbiology and virology, we are developing a new VirusScan product to detect complex mixtures of DNA and RNA viruses. Our research scientists are designing a robust and fast test to generate the data-set. Efficient separation between host and viral DNA is an important requirement. Currently, a method is under investigation that selects the (c)DNA sequences of hundreds of viral taxa known to infect vertebrates, including humans. Bioinformaticians are writing a data-analysis pipeline suitable for analyses of virome composition and dynamics. Get in contact with us to hear the options that are available.

We currently provide detailed analysis of the viral content for viral research and production facilities:

  • Stability testing of viral production strains
  • RNA- and DNA-virus identification
  • Multiple sequencing instruments and applications: choose between general screening options and detailed analysis of individual viral sequences.
  • Validated data-analysis pipelines available
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