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Identifying Biomarkers Through Translational Research for Prevention and Stratification of Colorectal Cancer.

In short:

International collaboration aiming to identify colorectal cancer biomarkers for personalized medicine.


Human R&D

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Project Details

Funding scheme:

European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research – COST Action

Time frame:

1 October 2018 to 30 September 2022


Aside from lung cancer, which has an avoidable environmental cause, colorectal cancer (CRC) is responsible for more deaths than any other malignancy in Western countries. The TransColonCan collaboration aims at using innovative translational research to identify colorectal cancer biomarkers for personalized medicine that will improve screening, early detection, and disease follow-up to attain better tumor profiling, state-of-the-art functional characterization of genetic variants and new therapy approaches. The network brings together participants from different countries and will facilitate the research interaction and collaboration between research groups and enterprises. Diverse expertise includes clinical practice, germline and somatic genetics, epigenetics, bioinformatics, cell and molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, biostatistics, epidemiology, health economy and the industrial sector. Within the consortium, GenomeScan focuses on the genomic, epigenomic and transcriptional profiling of colorectal adenomas and carcinomas in a multiregional analysis fashion to identify novel biomarkers with prognosis and predictive value for CRC patient stratification.


T.b.a. (ongoing project)


Supported by the European Union (COST Action CA17118).

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