Targeted Sequencing ensures high coverage of your regions of interest

Agilent’s SureSelectXT method enriches specific regions of choice in the genome. You can multiplex (combine) more samples in one HiSeq lane, which sharply reduces sequencing costs.

Why choose SureSelect at GenomeScan:

  • Custom targeted sequencing service for any region of interest
  • For a wide range of model organisms
  • Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) service for human and mouse
  • The project manager assigned to your projects helps you select an optimal custom probe pool
  • Our highly automated workflow ensures high reproducibility and low costs

GenomeScan routinely performs human exome analyses (WES), for diagnostic and research-based projects. We can also help you choose custom regions of interest, using SureDesign from Agilent. A dedicated project manager will guide you through the whole process.

Due to our experience and automation of the SureSelect workflow, we can guarantee a minimal data yield and quality for very competitive prices.

Our fully automated Bravo B robotics ensures:

  • An automated and optimized SureSelect workflow
  • Pre-programmed and extensively validated protocols
  • Consistent data-quality
  • High throughput: the robot can handle up to 10 times more samples
SureSelect2 Targeted Sequencing
Agilent’s SureSelect probes capture that part of the genome or transcriptome that you are interested in. This solution-based hybridization system uses long biotinylated cRNA baits. These 120-mer probes provide high specificity. Magnetic streptavidin beads capture the region of interest.
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