This is the fastest Next Generation Sequencer of Illumina. It performs a whole sequencing run in 26 hours. This runtime is two days shorter than Illumina’s fastest high throughput instrument, the HiSeq 4000.

Advantages NextSeq 500:

  • Generates up to 120 Gb data per run
  • Read lengths up to 150 bp
  • Sequencing run-time: 1 day

Our method of choice for:

  • Fast analysis: e.g. in diagnostic analysis when the patients’ treatment depends on the sequencing outcome
  • Transcriptomics: a cost-effective and species-independent alternative for our expression-array services

Illumina Sequencer Specifications
Our facility harbors a diverse range of Illumina Sequencing instruments. These platforms provide the highest quality, fastest results and most cost-effective results in the industry. Each instrument has various run options to choose from. Based on your project requirements, our scientific application specialists can give you comprehensive advise.

NextSeq500 Image 1 NextSeq 500