HiSeq 4000

The HiSeq 4000 System is the workhorse of production-scale NGS laboratories. It builds on the proven chemistry of the HiSeq 2500. This is combined with the patterned flow-cell technology, originally developed for the HiSeq X10 system.

High flexibility
The HiSeq 4000 can be used for all applications, and even allows the analysis of one flow cell.

This combination leads to an unprecedented high daily throughput, fastest turnaround times, and lowest price per sample across multiple applications.

New patterned flow cells of the HiSeq 4000
Instead of an even surface, billions of nano wells are now etched at fixed locations. This structured organization leads to even cluster spacing. This prevents cluster overlap, so more clusters can be formed on one flow cell. Exclusion amplification -a proprietary clustering method- ensures that each well is occupied by only one DNA template.

Advantages HiSeq 4000:

  • 1.5 Tb data output per run
  • Read-lengths up to 150 bp
  • Sequencing run of only 3 days
  • Cost-effective sequencing

Our method of choice for:

  • All sequencing projects that require large data-sets
  • Cost-effective option for almost any type of application
hiseq4000B HiSeq 4000