Determine all Fungal species in your sample

GenomeScan provides a range of applications to measure fungal diversity.

The fungal taxonomy can be detected in complex mixtures by sequencing of the ITS. We offer additional applications that can provide you with even more in-depth information.

Fungal profiling
We offer three packages designed to tailor to the needs of diverse research questions. Depending on the desired result, you can choose between the cost-effective Fungi Taxonomy Scan. This provides a comprehensive screening method to identify fungal species in complex mixtures.

The Fungal Full Genome Scan identifies the species and determine the exact composition of the genome, revealing the species-specific features. When you expect a high sequence variation within your fungal sample and you are interested in which feature belongs to which species, you can choose FungiScan Premium. The long reads simplify the reconstruction of each individual fungus in the sample.

Fungi Fungi
Full Genome
Method ITS region sequencing Full genome sequencing Full genome sequencing
Fragment lengths 16S amplicon 150 bp Up to 20 kB
Determination of fungi up to species level ++ +++ +++
Type of sequencing Short-read  Short-read Long-read
Type of instrument Illumina HiSeq 4000 Illumina HiSeq 4000 PacBio Sequel / RSII
Fungal species screening    
Determination of fungi and their features    
Determination of fungi: identification of features per individual fungus    
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