HiSeq 2500

This system is the first of a new generation of Illumina sequencers that employ the new v4 sequencing-by-synthesis (SBS) chemistry. This instrument offers the ideal combination of a high output with an ultra-low error rate.

Major improvements compared to the HiSeq 2000:

  • Fast turnaround time (4-6 days vs. 8 days)
  • Longer reads (125 bp vs. 100 bp)
  • More data output (max. 500 Gb vs. 200 Gb)
  • Sharp improvement in quality

Advantages of the HiSeq 2500:

  • Custom primers can be used
  • Strongly recommended when sequencing Bisulfite converted DNA
  • Long inserts (e.g. RNAseq) have less influence on the sequencing results
  • For the HiSeq 2500, two run options are possible: the high output and rapid run.

For very long inserts, the HiSeq 2500 has an advantage over the newer and improved system of the HiSeq 4000. On the latter, the long inserts can possibly traverse the well boundary on the flow cell. Therefore, for very long sequencing reads GenomeScan advises the use of the HiSeq 2500.