Genetic Identity Testing

Unbiased molecular genetic characterization

Genetic testing is an unique way of accurate identification. It eliminates bias and guaranties brand integrity. It can be used to authenticate cell lines, tissue culture, virus and bacterial strains or control a construct.

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Key benefits:

  • Accurate and high precision characterization (attach example of certificate)
  • Workflow validated under ISO/IEC 17025 or G(C)LP (link to Quality page)
  • Rapid turnaround time and competitive pricing

As part of our standard NGS service, we include an extensive quality control (QC) on the data to assess the quality of the sequence run and data set. We make sure that your analysis starts with a high quality data set. This data QC or primary analysis is included in your sequencing project to us.

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Bacterial strain/Microbial/Virus identification

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Construct/Vector control

Regulatory agencies require genetic characterization of cell lines producing products for human use to ensure stability, maintain safety and secure cell lines production. In cell line authentication, testing must include identity, stability, and purity. GenomeScan uses Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) under strict adherence of ISO/IEC 17025 and G(C)LP regulations to provide you with an unbiased profile of your cell line.

It is crucial to have the proper tools to quickly profile and identify microorganism. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) provides insights into genetic traits which cannot be determined with other techniques, such as detection of SNPs, InDels and more, while also replacing other traditional biochemical testing methods.

Determine the genetic stability of recombinant products and characterize plasmid products must be performed and documented during each manufacturing process. GenomeScan provides a Next Generation Sequencing workflow for the characterization of your recombinant product and the determination of its genetic stability (confirmation of structure recombinant construct and retention of construct).

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FAQ about genetic identity:

  1. Is cell line authentication mandatory?
  2. Is the NGS identification completely accurate?
  3. Etc…
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